What are Lōkō Nutz?

Lōkō Nutz is a series of outlandishly flavored nuts that are gluten-free and vegan-friendly! They are made with all natural ingredients and flavors. Depending on the flavor you can find whole pieces of ingredients such as dehydrated apples, oranges, herbs, and much more in your bag. It's more than just a bag of almonds or a mixture of nuts.

A burst of Flavor

These nuts have a beautiful crunch as well as an intense flavor that go well with your salad, cereal or as an ingredient in your own creations. They work well as a party snack, an addition to your daily commute, and for college students; a mid-day snack while you're in class.


One size many Flavors

I use the perfect portion size of 5 oz. These stand-up resealable packages allow for you to take them on all of your excursions big or small!

Menu at a glance

Find the right flavor to satisfy your daily cravings. Take a peek at the menu here.