Keep on Going!

Loko Nutz is a series of outlandishly flavored nuts that are jampacked with 5 grams of protein per serving. Loko Nutz is a satisfying alternative to chips or candy that can keep you energized and focused at work or school.

On The GO...

Conveniently packaged in 5 oz. resealable bags. You can take Loko Nutz anywhere. They have the perfect amount of servings that stay fresh and crunchy to keep you performing at your best throughout your day.


A Burst Of Flavor!

Loko Nutz has an addicting crunch as well as an intense flavor that is completely plant-based and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. Say bye-bye to the bad for you junk food and hello to Loko Nutz!

What is Loko Nutz?

Loko Nutz is a brand that is determined to cater to peoples needs for a healthy flavorful snack! They are handcrafted and are a satisfyingly nutrient-dense alternative to chips or candy.

Loko Nutz is a convenient snack that can complement any meal or be eaten at any time of the day.

Loko Nutz has been featured in many of South Florida’s largest events including the Miami Dade Book Fair, SoBe Food and Wine Festival, and Art Basel.


Check out the flavors

Loko Nutz come in 6 unique flavors find the flavor that'll keep you energized.

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