Lōkō Nuts is the first brand from Botanic Creations, LLC.

Company Mission

      Botanic Creations is determined to cater to people's needs for a healthy flavorful snack, and the desire to create innovative green spaces for the home or office that just won't give up no matter how much they are neglected.

Lōkō Nutz is a series of outlandishly flavored nuts that are gluten-free and vegan-friendly! They are made with all natural ingredients and flavors. It's more than just a bag of almonds or a mixture of nuts. They are super flavorful convenient snack you can take everywhere!


Sweet Grabs

Check out these crunchy sweet morsels made with real fruit, and no preservatives you can chow down on these any time of the day!

Salted Catch

Usually eaten as a mid-day snack or with your salads these salty catches are guaranteed to fix that late night salty craving!